To signify the start of Pride Month, and to highlight our support for the LQBTQ+ community, we have changed our logo on social media and on our website – incorporating the rainbow stripes for the duration of the month.

To get our students involved in pride month we want to see stretching photos and practice videos incorporating the rainbow flag – get creative and show your support for #nmdaxpride the winners will be announced on social media and within Phoenix News on June 30th.

Beyond the rainbow…

Tons of people use the rainbow flag to represent the LGBTQ+ community, but it’s not the only flag that people within the community connect with. Different groups, genders, and identities have come up with their own flags over the years to bring awareness to their unique needs and experiences. While many pride events may look a little different this year as the world continues to stay safe amid COVID-19, there are still tons of ways to celebrate.

In 1978, Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California, asked artist Gilbert Baker to create a pride flag. Gilbert wanted to create “something that was positive, that celebrated our love.” “A rainbow flag was a conscious choice, natural and necessary,” Gilbert said. “The rainbow came from earliest recorded history as a symbol of hope.” There are 8 colours within the initial pride flag and each colour has its own meaning;
– Pink: Sex
– Red: Life
– Orange: Healing
– Yellow: Sunlight
– Green: Nature
– Turquoise: Magic
– Blue: Harmony
– Violet: Spirit

Here are some examples of pride flags that you might see throughout Pride month. You can read more about each individual flag here.

Get involved.

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