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Our competitive training classes are open to any dancer wishing to participate in competitions. We split these classes on ability so that dancers can achieve the most from their classes. This enables our students to learn effectively from proven teaching methods which are safely structured and tailored to their ability.

Our school regularly attends different competitions and weekend festivals across the country as well as the opportunity to travel abroad! Our competitive squad are a tightly knit bunch who look out for, support and encourage each other to succeed.

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Competitive Class

Competitive Class
This class is for our students wishing to participate in Freestyle dance competitions. These sessions will focus heavily on the skills, drills and training that is needed for the competitive circuit. All students who wish to compete should attend this class.
Monday: 19:00-20:00
Thursday: 19:00-20:30



Beginner Freestyle
These classes will enable students of all levels and ages to develop their overall freestyle technique which can be used for examinations and of course for competitions. Through these sessions, students will develop their flexibility, stamina, strength, and technique. Students can choose to dance just for fun or for competitions.




Stretch Class
Flexibility training involves low-intensity exercises that increase the total range of motion of a joint or group of joints. Flexibility and balance exercises — which work stability muscles — can decrease the chance for muscle imbalances, which can throw off your body movement and open the door to falls and injuries. Flexibility and balance training also can boost sports performance and make accomplishing everyday tasks easier. We have a programme available for both beginner and advanced students and we strongly encourage everyone to take this class. 



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Please note some of our classes have specific requirements and cater to different types of people. For full details contact us.

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More About Competitions

Nathan Mark Dance Academy are active members of the Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals (ADFP)… this body supports the competitive aspects of the dance we teach.

ADFP competitions take place in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway and even South Africa….. Dancers can compete in a range of competitions…. some are fun and friendly right through to very challenging championship competitions. From the Age of 3 dancers can strut their stuff on the dance floor to the latest music in wonderful costumes with a chance to win amazing trophies, sashes and other prizes.

When a Dancer starts their ADFP journey they start as a beginner, this section is a plain section, so costumes are inexpensive and dancers are given chance to earn their fancy fabulous costumes. Next they move to the starter section this is a harder section but dancers can wear a more colourful and “fancy” costume, after dancers earn their way into intermediate and championship sections dancers can have costumes covered in stones and sequins… this means they can not only stand out on the floor by dancing like a star they can actually shine like a star.

To move to the next grade in ADFP competitions dancers need to loose lives or get their cards marked 3 times this involves being placed on the day and there being enough dancers in your section for you to loose a life.

This is something you will pick up as you enter the wonderful world of freestyle.

If you have any questions about costumes, competitions, hair, makeup and other elements of this wonderful hobby, please talk to one of our team.



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