COVID-19 Safety Controls Statement


The safety of team members and valued clients is of utmost priority. Our one to one services adhere to our stringent COVID-19 safety management system control measures, which include:

Social distancing measures in place throughout the studio, both internally and externally; through the use of floor stickers, clear signage throughout and the use of protective screens where necessary.

Contactless drop off and collection service including clear signage and instructions to all clients, with no requirement for clients to enter the studio further than the designated drop off and collection point.

A fully controlled one to one slot system, allowing us to control the volume of people arriving and leaving the studio at anyone time, ensuring all our students have a safe and efficient experience which can be safely managed by our team.

Enforced and signposted ‘one in one out’ policy for all clients when dropping off and collecting students.

Additional hand sanitisation stations installed for use by both team members and clients.

Cashless payments preferred, when this is not possible additional hand sanitisation and social distancing measures are enforced.

Robust, tailored COVID-19 fitness to work procedures and checks.

Enhanced frequency surface sanitisation and hand washing.

Daily managerial checks to ensure all COVID-19 control measures are in place and being adhered to by all.

Introduction of a streamlined and limited timetable of one to one slots, to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to, through smaller teams.

We have liaised closely with our dedicated Primary Authority whilst developing our COVID-19 safety management system, to successfully gain assured advice on all of our COVID-19 safety documentation and controls. This ensures that we are actively implementing and practicing all required control measures, to keep both our clients and team safe. Our safety & risk team continue to review government guidelines and industry guidance, to keep our controls up to date and effective.

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