Booty Camp

Only the strong survive!
31st May – 1st June 2021

£25.00 per person (for 2 full days) | £15 per day | Under 6 £5

Do you love dancing? Want to be a star? Can’t stop spinning in your kitchen? Do you LIVE in your booty shorts?

The NMDA OFFICIAL BOOTY CAMP is the perfect place to dream big!

You will improve your dance skills, learn amazing new choreography, and perfect your technique while dancing with the NMDA over a two day intensive dance workshop.

The NMDA Booty Camp Curriculum includes classes in dance, technique, conditioning, flexibility & strength, acrobatics, gymnastic tumbling, and choreography. Privates will be available to schedule (in your off hours) during the Booty Camp dates!

Booty camp is open to children aged 6 and over and we have a specific schedule set out for younger dancers under the age of 6.

Can’t wait to see you on the DANCE FLOOR!

Spaces are limited.

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